The Toronto Symphony Orchestra will be hosting a tribute concert honouring Glenn Gould, including music that defined his career, in September 2017.

Glenn Gould is one of the best known classical composers in modern music. On top of being a broadcaster, conductor, organist and writer, Gould remained one of the most celebrates and fascinating artists of the 20th century. The Toronto-born composer was constantly studied for his technique and his unique interpretation of classic compositions.

The Glenn Gould Foundation was established in 1983 with a mission to honour his spirit and legacy. The foundation aims to extend awareness of Gould for all of his talents and accomplishments. New opportunities to celebrate Gould are always in the works- the tribute concert will be the next step in honouring the multi-talented legend.

There will be two shows happening at 8 PM- September 22 and 23- featuring the premiere of Canadian composer Kelly Marie-Murphy’s new orchestral work inspired by Gould. Jan Lisiecki will be directing the drama of Brahm’s First Piano Concerto, a piece that Gould make especially his own. Ticket packages are on sale now. Single tickets go on sale July 2017.