gould_09_optGlenn Gould pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a successful yet independent artist. His reasoned artistic philosophy, allowed him to create works which were ahead of his time and which are now withstanding the test of time.

He understood the power of capturing all the aspects of an artist in forward motion, using what is now known as ‘content capture’ technology as his primary tools. Gould captured the many permutations of his career using photography, recording and editing technology, film, the medium of television, and good business as vehicles that informed, documented, and secured him the freedom he required to reach his artistic goals.

In September 2012 almost 50 artists, thinkers and creators from Argentina, Britain, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Japan and USA enlightened, motivated and amazed with their performances, their stories, and their ideas, all of them inspired by Glenn Gould. In celebration of what would have been Glenn Gould’s 80th birthday, the first Glenn Gould Variations festival, “Dreamers, Renegades, Visionaries,” was held at the University of Toronto. Among the attendees were Lang Lang, Robert Wilson, Norman Jewison, Chilly Gonzalez, Atom and Eve Egoyan, and Brent Carver.

In collaboration with the Glenn Gould Estate, Really Records – Real World Artist Management is building the 2nd Glenn Gould Variations, with a broad mandate to deliver live performances, recording projects, education outreach and art installations.

These projects, performances and recordings will begin in 2017 with the ultimate goal of generating permanent and touring opportunities that celebrate the legacy of Glenn Gould and continue to engage the public. In addition, there are a number of Glenn Gould documentaries and films being considered, which will further establish the ongoing importance of Glenn Gould and Glenn Gould Variations.  Glenn Gould Variations (GGV) was established by the Glenn Gould Estate to give artists the opportunity to create new works that are inspired by, or creatively use the music, images, and ideas of Glenn Gould.

Projects will be presented nationally and internationally, and there is interest in one of the pop-oriented projects (Glenn Gould Remix). Really Records is coordinating national and international bookings, and conversations are being held directly with Glenn Gould Studio, the National Music Centre (Calgary), Luminato Festival, Toronto Symphony and the Glenn Gould School of Music / Koerner Hall.

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