We want to amplify you.
We want to travel the world of music through you.
We want to share in the joy of it all with you.
We are birds of a feather.

You need real and informed support so that your focus is on your music and our focus is on you. Imagine tapping into a pool of long-standing relationships cultivated over several years of experience that includes a diverse cross-section of our music and arts community. Or how about choosing only the professional music business services that you need? You can lean in with us to listen to the people we know can arm you with the knowledge you need to effectively develop your music into a sustainable career in entertainment – Feels good right?

And then there’s Glenn Gould. If you want to know more about us, you need to know more about him. We consider Mr. Gould to be the greatest indie artist of all time whose legacy is our template for artist development. As an artist who managed to retain his creative rights in an era when this notion was unheard of, he is our invisible but ever present inspiration at the boardroom table.

Really Records is a collective of proven music business partners curated by Founder, Faye Perkins. We help artists to find their essence, create business plans and implement those plans through our networks.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Meet the record company 

Faye Perkins

After a lengthy career at Sony Music, which included the positions of National Press and Publicity Manager (Canada), Director, Project Management for Epic Records and Sony Classical (Canada) to Vice-President Worldwide Marketing/ Sony Classical (New York), Faye Perkins led campaigns for a diverse range of artists including: Michael Jackson, Cypress Hill, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Yo-Yo Ma, Glenn Gould, Oasis and the Star Wars Soundtracks. Faye Perkins has been actively engaged in adapting and leading change in the recording industry for nearly 30 years. #knowsherstuff

The Partners:

J.D. Mowat 

Drawing a blank? Let our favorite Madman draw it for you. Imagine someone who can listen carefully to your story and then instantly organize your napkin scribbles into an actual visual that you can confidently share.  You’re going to need visual pieces to describe what your show is about to tour promoters and on social media. We’ve had a long look around and this is the guy you want. #thefriendlygiant

MORE: www.jdmowat.com

Paula Sinton

Social Media has become serious business and you’re going to need a social media business performer in the arena that has become an important selling tool for your live performances.  The ‘Original’ Digital Hugger, Paula has cultivated a specific social strategy for her clients that reaches back to the old days of radio promotion and that draws on the virtues of building industry relationships. She is the voice of Directors, Producers and Artists in the connected world of Twitter. #socialneedi

MORE: www.sweetcitywoman.com

Catherine McRae – Lotus Art & Design

Offering a wide variety of art direction, graphic design and marketing services, Lotus Art & Design can create art for you and your projects within budget and on time. Guided by a simple mandate (you have a vision), LA&D will help you realize it. The process of collaboration in creating and fine-tuning your concept allows you and your artistry to stand out and truly reflect who you are. Get inspired – let’s go for a ride…

MORE:  www.lotusart.squarespace.com

Jen Eisler

You’ve got a captivating story and a great product you’re ready to share
with the media and the public. What you need now is an introduction to make it happen and someone taking care of all the details to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. Trust us when we say there that there are publicists and then there are publicists.  A  good one has an excellent handle on the merits of “give and take” in the music industry. Jen is the quintessential media maven from Saskatchewan chiming in daily from Regina, Saskatchewan, so…you just know she’s #goodpeople.

MORE: www.jeneisler.com

BeMused Network

BeMused Network is a discovery platform that connects audiences with performing artists through innovative service in digital marketing and audience analytics. community.