TSO Pays Tribute To Glenn Gould

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra will be hosting a tribute concert honouring Glenn Gould, including music that defined his career, in September 2017. Glenn Gould is one of the best known classical composers in modern music. On top of being a broadcaster, conductor, organist and writer, Gould remained one of the

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Zeynep Ozbilen Releases ZEST (May 10)

Zeynep Ozbilen will be performing at Lula Lounge on May 10 to celebrate her sophomore album, Zest, pushing the envelope once again with her music. Her extensive classical singing and percussion training led her to settle in Toronto where she is free to pursue her music career, further fueled by her

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Espresso Manifesto & SymphRONica Collaborate For Ciao Shalom

  Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto & Ron Davis’s SymphRONica are joining forces for Ciao Shalom– a celebration of Jewish and Italian music, honoring the Heritage Months of both communities. The multicultural city’s Jewish and Italian communities have always enjoyed especially close relations. Ciao Shalom! SymphRONica Meets Espresso Manifesto honours them during their

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